Only a couple of days until Supersonic 2011!!
Birmingham Zine Festival will be based in the Custard Factory Gallery during these times:

4pm-11pm Saturday 22nd October
2pm-10.30pm Sunday 23rd October

Especially for the weekend we have a big stack of free bookmarks to give out created for us by Philippa Rice of My Cardboard Life! They feature this comic-

2011 10 19 zine 300x122 BZF SUPERSONIC NEWS!

Here are some photos of the flyers too-

image 300x225 BZF SUPERSONIC NEWS!image2 300x225 BZF SUPERSONIC NEWS!

We will be selling LOTS of zines! Including:

Appearing on the day:
Brash by Alana
Fever Zine
Lizz Lunney

On the Communal table:
Catherine Elms – ‘Here. In My Head’
Collemoki – ‘Crowds’, ‘Marsupials’ and ‘Marsupial Animals’
Dina Kelberman - ‘Important Comics’ and ‘The Regular Man’
Fake Magazine- “FAKE”
Joe List – “Skimpy Jim”
Kooky Koala – “Koala on the keys” and “Where the Lion is Drawn”
Kristyna Baczynski – ‘Ladder’ and ‘Gags’
Philippa Rice – “Cardboard Colin and the Wasps”
and “Blanket House”
Sean Azzopardi- ‘Nine Months of Beige’, ‘Built of Blood and Bricks’ and ‘B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S’
Various Artists- “Garden Funnies Issue 2″

…and more!

We’ll also have BZF badges and stickers for sale and an exhibition of zines and zine artwork.

See you there!

Andrew, Antonio and Lizz

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Birmingham Zine Festival at Supersonic Festival 2011

We are excited to announce that Birmingham Zine Festival will be part of Supersonic Festival 2011!

supersonic Birmingham Zine Festival at Supersonic Festival 2011

For Supersonic 2011, we’ve invited some of our favourite small press publishers to sell their books, comics and zines:

Lizz Lunney will be selling a range of comics and merchandise including patches, badges and prints from a world of characters such as Dullbog the Bulldog, Leaning Rabbit and Depressed Cat!

Alex Zamora will be supplying copies of Fever Zine, a quarterly lo-fi black and white publication covering a mixture of music, art, fashion, trends, zine culture and more!

Phillipa Rice will be selloing publications of her popular webcomic My Cardboard Life as well as goodies such as prints and bags! We’ll also have zines and an exhibition of artwork from Adam Cadwell, Carla Smith, Catherine Elms, Dina Kelberman, Joe List and many more!

The zine celebrations will also be working their way into other aspects of Supersonic. ‘$100 and a t-shirt’, Joe Biel’s documentary exploring the thoughts and experiences of zine-makers in North America, will be screened.

In addition to this, a panel featuring Alex Zamora, Nic Bullen and Charlie Woolley will discuss the history of zines, their inspirations and how this feeds into modern DIY creativity and publishing in a discussion entitled “From A to Zine.

If you haven’t done so already be sure to get your ticket for Supersonic Festival!

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Thank You!

5919490845 8ecbddd37b Thank You!
A big thanks to everyone who attended, exhibited and helped out with Birmingham Zine Festival this year!

5919492637 689821c529 Thank You!
5919491437 d68a03fc30 Thank You!

We are starting to round up all the photos and reviews we have found. Here are the ones we have so far-

Created In Birmingham slideshow of photos by hellocatfood!

6/8 Kafe photos of exhibition!

Reviews by ZEENE, No Guts No Glory and (photos below borrowed from their Facebook group)

269763 10150233038490598 264100530597 7839476 1973030 n 225x300 Thank You!264358 10150233037730598 264100530597 7839459 6424499 n1 225x300 Thank You!

If anyone has a review or photos do let us know so we can link them here! Any feedback you have is really appreciated as we have already started discussing improvements and possible venues for next time. If you missed out on this years Festival here is a film we showed on the day for you to enjoy and we hope to see you next year!

by Sara Jackson


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Luke Pearson Interview!

Luke is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator. He’s contributed work to anthologies such as Solipsistic Pop and Paper Science and has self published a couple of his own comics. He’s the creator of Hildafolk and Everything We Miss, both published by Nobrow Press.

nobrow profile1 300x300 Luke Pearson Interview!

If numbers were certain colours what would you choose for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5? And what personalities would they have?

1 is probably blue, or red. He’s laid back but has strong opinions which he’s not afraid to give when he has to but he won’t get all up in your face about it. 2 is red. He’s really romantic. 3 is definitely yellow. I’ve never met him so I can’t tell you what he’s like. 4 is a nice warm red and I get on really well with him. I just feel really comfortable around him you know, like he never comes out with anything that makes me uncomfortable or intimidated and we share a lot of views. 5 wants to be like 4 but he’s kind of obnoxious. He’s red too but a less pleasant red. Poster paint red, straight out of the bottle. He’s fun to be around though, he enjoys fist pumping and giving high fives and he’s really enthusiastic about everything. Yes, they’re all men. 6-10 are the ladies.

If you could be best friends with one of the following who would you choose: Harry, Hermione or Ron?

Hermione, I want to dance awkwardly around a tent with her.

EWM poster 212x300 Luke Pearson Interview!

How many days do you think you’d be able to last in the Sahara desert?

About as long as it took me to die.

What happened to Pat Pride?

You should ask John Allison about that.

How would it make you feel if every time you ate your favourite food you heard the theme music from Tales of the Unexpected?

My favourite food is the buttons of a cassette player with a ‘Music from and inspired by Tales of the Unexpected’ cassette inside it, so I wouldn’t feel particularly surprised.

budzfriend 300x245 Luke Pearson Interview!

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