Luke Pearson Interview!

Luke is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator. He’s contributed work to anthologies such as Solipsistic Pop and Paper Science and has self published a couple of his own comics. He’s the creator of Hildafolk and Everything We Miss, both published by Nobrow Press.

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If numbers were certain colours what would you choose for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5? And what personalities would they have?

1 is probably blue, or red. He’s laid back but has strong opinions which he’s not afraid to give when he has to but he won’t get all up in your face about it. 2 is red. He’s really romantic. 3 is definitely yellow. I’ve never met him so I can’t tell you what he’s like. 4 is a nice warm red and I get on really well with him. I just feel really comfortable around him you know, like he never comes out with anything that makes me uncomfortable or intimidated and we share a lot of views. 5 wants to be like 4 but he’s kind of obnoxious. He’s red too but a less pleasant red. Poster paint red, straight out of the bottle. He’s fun to be around though, he enjoys fist pumping and giving high fives and he’s really enthusiastic about everything. Yes, they’re all men. 6-10 are the ladies.

If you could be best friends with one of the following who would you choose: Harry, Hermione or Ron?

Hermione, I want to dance awkwardly around a tent with her.

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How many days do you think you’d be able to last in the Sahara desert?

About as long as it took me to die.

What happened to Pat Pride?

You should ask John Allison about that.

How would it make you feel if every time you ate your favourite food you heard the theme music from Tales of the Unexpected?

My favourite food is the buttons of a cassette player with a ‘Music from and inspired by Tales of the Unexpected’ cassette inside it, so I wouldn’t feel particularly surprised.

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