Philippa Rice Interview!

2010 05 04 cardboard carl 6 Philippa Rice Interview!

1) What is your special treatment for the blisters on your fingers that you must get from cutting out so much cardboard and paper?

Blisters are lucky! They are prizes for hard work. My treatment for them is to enjoy them. Cherish them! Name each one and draw a face on it (you’ll probably need a permanent pen for this).

2) Have you ever skipped a day in the comic strip life of My Cardboard Life?

I missed a two updates about a year ago when I had some computer issues. It was very upsetting! I also had a week off at Christmas and a guest strip week last May to celebrate 300 strips. Other than that, NEVER. You can count on me!

3) If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and what emotions would you be having?

I draw faces on a lot of inanimate objects. They have to keep the emotions of whatever face I draw forever and ever so it’s a big question.

Let me tell you, I would not be a Pritt stick. They run out and get chucked in the bin! I’d be something indispensable, respected but not used too frequently. A calculator. You can count on me!

For the emotion I’ll go for content, relaxed, maybe a bit sleepy.

2010 08 30 rubiks cube Philippa Rice Interview!

4) What cartoon character would represent your current brain status?

Jeremy from Yellow Submarine. He’s all over the place!

5) what kind of personality does tissue paper have?

She’s a fussy, dainty madam who’s easily offended.

6) what is your earliest or fondest childhood memory?

I can remember going to visit my sister in hospital when she was born, and noticing that her baby blanket was full of holes. I would have been nearly three.

7) spam or corned beef?

I’m frightened of both of those items! The one with the initials C.B is somewhat less frightening, so I’ll choose that.

icon cool Philippa Rice Interview! what is the strangest dream you’ve had about cardboard?

I wish I could dream about Cardboard! I sleep cuddled up to a cardboard box in order to encourage such dreams, but unfortunately I only ever dream about embarrassing romantic liaisons with unlikely public figures.

9) what would your magical cooking ingredient be that sets your cuisine apart from the rest?

Midas’ Walnut. It gives food the appearance of being made of solid gold (whilst remaining perfectly edible). Mainly for use in cakes and puddings, but can also be used in a salad.

sohotpuppy Philippa Rice Interview!

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