Postcards: Mail Art Exhibition

You are invited to take part in our exhibition of postcards, where each postcard will be a unique work of art. At the end of the exhibition, all of the postcards will be randomly ‘swapped’ and you’ll receive someone else’s original artwork in the mail – yours to keep!

To take part in the exhibition, send us a message with your name and address. When you receive your postcard, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Create your own unique artwork on the blank side of the postcard. There’s no theme so feel free to submit whatever you like.
  • Write a message on the reverse, leaving the address space blank (we’ll fill that in later!)
  • Mail the postcard back to us in the envelope provided, along with your name, address and website details.

That’s it – we’ll do the rest! All of the postcards will be exhibited at The Framers Gallery in Birmingham as part of the Birmingham Zine Festival.

Update, 30th July 2010:

I’m afraid we can no longer take requests for blank postcards. We’ve distributed somewhere between 150 – 200 cards (I’ve lost count) to people from UK, USA, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany and Spain. The exhibition is going to be fantastic!

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10 Responses to Postcards: Mail Art Exhibition

  1. Amy Goodwin says:

    Hey I would love to take part in this, how do I apply?

    • andrewowenjohnston says:

      Hi Amy, just send us your name and address in an email (using the form on the right hand side) and we’ll send you one of our blank postcards. We may have to start charging at some point, to cover our postage costs, so get one while they’re free! One per person please!

  2. Dave Gray says:

    Great idea, would love to take part.

  3. Vicky Webb says:

    Hi, is there a deadline as i’m moving this month, and havent a clue where i’m going to be, so if you could sent it to my friends house? but She may have already applied for one

    Many Thanks

    Vicky Webb

    • andrewowenjohnston says:

      Hi Vicky, that’s fine – we’ll mail it to that address! We’d like all the postcards returned as soon as possible – July/August. That’ll help us organise the exhibition which will take place in September (dates to be confirmed).

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  6. Art Detection Services Ltd. says:

    Seeing as there are no longer postcards available, would it be possible to get an address to send a postcard to instead such that we can create our own and mail it over.

    • andrewowenjohnston says:

      Sorry, we can’t accept any more postcards. All of the postcards from the exhibition will be mailed out and we’ve used up our budget for stamps! We wanted to use our own postcards for this exhibition, to help establish and promote the festival, but we may try something different next year!

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