Timothy Winchester Interview!

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Timothy Winchester makes super cute comics featuring a whole array of cool characters- including some you will recognise from TV or your favourite movies! Lady Gaga, Twilight, the Scooby Gang and many more www.timothywinchester.com He will be appearing at BZF selling exciting things like comics and badges!
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1)      What classic novel would you be and why?

I wish I was something like ‘Lord of the Rings’ – all epic and full of elves and magic and popular and stuff. But knowing my luck, I’d probably be something depressing like ‘Return of the Native’ or ‘Wuthering Heights.’ Or something that no one reads until they need it – like a catalogue.

Actually, I suppose I could actually be my comics. Is that allowed even though they aren’t a classic novel? They are sad and funny and cute and involve a lot of crying – all things I hold dear to me.

MY FINAL ANSWER: I’d be my own comic (or a catalogue)

2) If you were shrunk to 2 inches tall where would you go to hide from creepy crawlies?

If I was shrunk to two inches tall, the first thing I would do is cry. A lot. I quite like being tall…and I don’t like a lot of things so being shrunk would make me sad. Another thing that makes me sad is creepy crawlies. There was a caterpillar on my pillow a few nights ago so I had to sleep without a pillow! And there was one time when a spider hid in my notebook!

So…I would have to hide somewhere super safe. If other people had been shrunk to two inches tall then I would ask them for advice. If they were not very useful or nice then I would dress up like an elf and convince a shoe maker to look after me. I’d outsource all the shoe making though.

MY FINAL ANSWER: I would hide with a shoe maker

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3) What super power would you choose and what would you do?

I would love a super power and I often ask myself this question. But my answer always hinges on another question – does everyone else in the world have super powers, or is it just me? If everyone has super powers then I’d obviously have the super to copy any of the super powers I wanted. I’d be like a Swiss Army Knife of super powers…or a catalogue! That would be my superhero name – Catalogue!

But if I’m the only one with super powers then I suppose I’d want a different super power… but I can’t say what it is here.

MY FINAL ANSWER: I can’t tell you. Sorry. Maybe I’ll make a comic about it?

4) If you were a board game which one would you be and why?

Hahahaha. Board games and I are pretty much BFFs. Choosing which one to be would depend on my mood. If I was happy then it would be The Game of Life – because life is normally better if you’re happy (until you get taxed or have twins). If I was sad then I’d probably play Scrabble because it makes me feel stupid – so I could forget how sad I was. Oh – and you can’t forget Hungry Hippos! Or Cludo! Hearthrob! Pop Up Pirate! Twister! Naked Twister! BFF Twister! LOL Twister! Pancake Twister! So much Twister.

MY FINAL ANSWER: Right now, I would like to be Hungry Hippos because I’m hungry. But normally I wouldn’t be able to choose.

5) Which Big Brother contestant (from any series) would you kill and for what reason?

Oh no! I wouldn’t kill anybody! That’s a terrible thing to do! If I didn’t like someone then I’d make a comic about it…but I’m a coward so I’d probably just change their name and draw them as a big green blob (like here: http://timothywinchester.blogspot.com/2010/08/real-life-call-me.html). But I do watch Big Brother so here are the contestants that upset me.

In no particular order:

Everyone that isn’t Aisleyne.

Only kidding! Aisleyne is probably my Number One Contestant…but listing the ones I don’t like would take ages. So I won’t bother. But Aisleyne FTW! Know yourself!

MY FINAL ANSWER: I’m too nice to say anything mean but I really liked Aisleyne so she would win a prize.

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