Dan Berry Interview!

Dan Berry claims to teach comics at several schools in Wales (wherever that is) and actually enjoy drawing (the weirdo). What is known is that his comics about cooking, text messages, and foppish dandys (dandies?) are funny and well drawn, while his use of Twitter to involve his fans directly in his comics is a great idea.

You can find his website at www.thingsbydan.co.uk and he’s on twitter as .

1. What do you think ghosts actually are?

I think that if children’s television has taught us anything, it is that ghosts are extortionists, speculative property developers or over-friendly uncles. Often all three. You have to be careful though; if you get bitten by a ghost, you may turn into a ghost. If you see a ghost, you roll up a newspaper and bop it hard on the nose with a firm authoritative “NO”. If you catch a particularly naughty ghost with soiled sheets, you rub his nose in it right away. It is the only way that they’ll learn.

2. How is your cooking show going? What will your next recipe be?

Very well so far, although I’m having some trouble with my fictional Australian sous-chef, Peter Leamington but otherwise quite well!


peter leamington 150x300 Dan Berry Interview!

My next recipe will be a touch more ambitious.

3. What is your favourite thing?

Moomin-meat, obviously!

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4. You got blocked for spamming on Twitter a while ago. When was the last time you did something this terrible?

I refer you to my previous answers.

5. What sort of things will you have available at the Birmingham Zine Festival?

I’ll have some copies of Onion Soup, probably a couple of Paper Sciences, some moshpit prints, some copies of Lasagne, and Silky Wilson I shouldn’t doubt too.

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  1. Dan Berry is ace!


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