Zine Fair Communal Table

For those who missed out on an exhibitor table at our zine fair, or for those who only have a handful of zines to sell, we’ll be running a communal table filled with an eclectic mix of different publications. We sell the zines, you take all the money from any sales your publications make! This was extremely popular last year where we had over 50 different titles on sale and traded over £120.

Let us know if you’re bringing zines to our zine fair on Saturday 9th July, or posting them in advance, and we’ll add you to the communal table exhibitor list on our website. Please include the name you wish to appear on the website and your own website link if you have one.

Please read the details below and get in touch if you have any questions!


If your zines cost more than £1, you can submit up to 5 zines in total.
The 5 zines can be copies of the same issue or a range of different titles but no more than 5 zines per person please.

If your zines cost £1 or less, you can submit up to 10 zines in total.
The 10 zines can be copies of the same issue or a range of different titles but no more than 10 zines per person please.

Special exceptions!
Special exceptions may be made for zines that are very small, very cheap or free. Last year we sold dozens of copies of Peach Melba which is fairly small and only costs 10/15p each.

Please collect your money and unsold zines before the end of the fair!
Very important to remember this one! We can’t guarantee the safe return of your unsold zines if you do not collect them.


If you wish to post zines in advance, here’s a special offer for you!
Get your zines to us before the 9th of July (ideally as soon as possible) and we’ll put them on sale at the Birmingham Zine Fair. Again, same rules for the 5/10 zine limits as above. You’ll get all the money from any sales and any remaining zines will be returned.

Post to:
Birmingham Zine Fair
121 Ashbrook Road
B30 2XA

Payment and returns:
If you are unable to attend the zine fair on Saturday 9th July, we can send your payment via PayPal and return your zines by post. Postage costs will need to be deducted from any sales made or paid to us via PayPal if none of your zines are sold.

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